Just Plain Folks 2017 Music Awards Nominee
Maine Songwriters Contest Finalist (2014,15)
2013 Phoenix Best Music Poll Nominee
Full-time Musician and Entertainer

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This guy's the real deal.
No flash, no gimmicks, just solid guitar playing and soulful vocals. Read more...
Chris Busby, Editor – The Bollard


In 2009, Brad Hooper took his talent off the farm and onto the stage. (He finally learned how to play the guitar last Tuesday at 4 p.m.) Hooper is a much sought after area entertainer and maintains a solid schedule of professional shows. His talent has earned the respect of fans, friends, booking contacts and contemporary peers.
Most recently, singer-songwriter Brad Hooper was recognized as a nominee for the Just Plain Folks 2017 Music Awards. Hooper is a two-time Maine Songwriters Contest finalist and a 2013 Portland Phoenix Best Music...read more