Chris Busby, Editor, The Bollard, Portland, ME -
"This dude plays and sings with real soul and knows how to write a song." ( see his album, Midnight at the Hilltop Hotel for proof.) -
"Brad possesses the qualities of a first-class songwriter with a classic voice to match! There is a real [John Prine, Neil Young] 'thing' going on here and people need to hear it." Michael Rizzo - Award-winning producer with (NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, UNIVERSAL, DISNEY, etc.)
The Portland Phoenix
"The opener, 'Sinkin' Kind of Feelin',' is piano-fueled blues, almost dead-on Royal Albert Hall-era Clapton...highly listenable. When Hooper tells us 'if it wasn't for them blues, when I got this low, I'd have nothin' at all,' it spills out of him, like it was forced from within."

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